Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HTC Malaysia Hero

The HTC Hero - the latest and greatest Android-based phone to be announced - appears to have been delayed until August, as Pocket-lint reported it might well be way back in June.

Although getting any firm answers about a date from HTC, Orange or T-Mobile (who will offer the device as the G2 Touch supposedly later this month - date TBC) is proving tricky, online retailer Amazon is now stating the availability date for the new phone as 15 August.

The HTC Hero has had a curious debut in the UK so far - Orange was due to offer the device in "early July" and have yet to do so or confirm dates despite the original launch timescale having come and gone. Meanwhile, T-Mobile announced the phone as the G1 Touch and has since changed its name to the G2 Touch with a launch promised soon.